Travel Information

The Workshop Location

The workshop is located at Durlach-Thomashof (website only in German), a tiny village close to the city center of Karlsruhe (about 20 min driving time) and Durlach, the oldest part of Karlsruhe (about 5 min driving time). There are walking paths in the beautiful surrounding area and a garden right behind the building, where one can work and discuss.

Getting to Thomashof from Karlsruhe Main Station

Durlach-Thomashof can be reached either by public transport or by cab. A cab will cost about 30-35 € and takes 20 minutes.

Getting to Thomashof with public transport takes about 30-45 minutes and costs 2-3 €.

Schedules and plans are available at KVV website.

On the day of your arrival, you will need a ticket for the tram and bus. You can buy this as an extension of your long distance rail ticket from German Rail (City mobil-extension is usually included in your train ticket). Alternatively, tram/bus tickets can be bought at the vending machine at the tram station or in the tram/bus.

How to Reach Karlsruhe by Plane

Visitors traveling by plane will arrive at one of the international airports in Stuttgart, Frankfurt or Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden. The following paragraphs give you instructions on how to travel to Karlsruhe Hauptbahnhof (Karlsruhe Main Station) from any of these airports.

How to Reach Karlsruhe Main Station by Long Distance Train

As an alternative to air travel, participants from Germany or one of the neighboring countries may find it more convenient to travel to Karlsruhe by train. ICE and international trains (especially TGV from France) stop at Karlsruhe Hauptbahnhof (Karlsruhe Main Station). There are direct train connections for example from to/from Paris, Zurich, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Cologne or Munich.